Below you will find several pieces to help support your Organic Harvest Month (September)
activities. All materials can be downloaded and printed at your local FedX office. 
If you need anything customized with different/specific products, just send us an email.

Retail Display Materials (can be customized for specific products)

 8.5 x11 display sign (CharliesBlend/Rose/Pinot )
 8.5 x 11 display sign (Chardonnay)
 8.5 x 11 display sign (Pinot Blanc)
Sunflower seed packets
Canvas tote bags
Embroidered bee stickers

How to talk about organic
Overview of organic farming/winemaking

Social media images your accounts can leverage:

Mustard in the rows
Bee on cover crop
Cover crop
California Certified Organic Vineyard sign
Bird box
Osprey nest atop old wind machine
Osprey in nest
Ponds on home ranch


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