why organic?

When asked the question “Why organic?”, Charlie Barra responds “Why wouldn’t I farm organically? Yes, it’s more work (annual audits/certifications, paperwork, labor requirements) and more risk (crop devastation from pests) but it’s essential to the well-being of this planet. We need to leave this earth the way we found it, and this doesn’t include chemicals”.

While the buzz around the term organic is relatively recent, Charlie’s organic farming practices date back more than 60 years. And our organic practices in the vineyard benefit more than just the land and the wines. Our employees, our wildlife and neighboring farms also benefit from these practices by ensuring that our water systems and soils are free of harmful chemicals.

Not only are we all organic but our vineyards are also GMO free! Mendocino County was the first jurisdiction in the US to ban the cultivation, production or distribution of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as passed by referendum in March of 2004. Initiated by the group "GMO Free Mendocino", the campaign was a powerful grassroots effort by local farmers and environmental groups who recognize that the potential risks of GMOs to human health and the ecosystem have not yet been fully understood.


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