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Randy Meyer, Director of Winemaking at BARRA of Mendocino/Girasole Vineyards, shares his virtual tasting notes on our Girasole Vineyards Pinot Blanc.

Open up your bottle of Girasole Vineyards Rose, and join Director of Winemaking, Randy Meyer, as he tastes through this delightful new wine!

Naming this baby goat wasnt so easy for us!

Alfredo harvesting the 2015 chardonnay grapes. Notice the speed of picking. On average, our picking crew can fill a tub with 40 lbs of grapes in approximately 11 minutes, but our seasoned veterans can do it in 6!

Here we are at the crush pad! Watch as our grapes are dumped into the press.

Each year we are joined by Father Alvin, along with all of our vineyard workers, to bless the first load of grapes.

Bad goat! This is not the first time this little rascal has escaped from his pen and used a car as his step ladder!


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