Shelf Talkers

For your convenience, we have created separate shelf talkers for each varietal. Select the file(s) that best meet your needs and then print the PDF* file from within Acrobat.

Chardonnay l Chardonnay low sulfites/vegan l Chardonnay 88 Points/Best Buy        
Muscat Canelli l Muscat Canelli low sulfites/vegan
Pinot Blanc l Pinot Blanc low sulfites/vegan

Cabernet Sauvignon l Cabernet Sauvignon low sulfites/vegan l Cabernet 89 Points/Best Buy    
Hybrid Red l Hybrid Red low sulfites/vegan l Hybrid Red 89 Points/Best Buy    
Pinot Noir l Pinot Noir low sulfites/vegan
Sangiovese l Sangiovese low sulfites/vegan

* If you get an error message opening a PDF file, do one of these:
1) Open Acrobat Reader first, and then click on the link, or
2) Right-click the PDF link above, save the file to your desktop, and then double-click the desktop icon.

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